Speech by Grand Master of Kosovo


We are all here tonight witnessing a very important event for our country – the establishment of the Grand Lodge of Kosovo. We can wholeheartedly say that our work, dedication, hopes and dreams tonight were crowned as it was expected by this brotherhood of men with good name and reputation. 17th of February 2018 also met a desire of many other sons of this land, who through Freemasonry give their contributions to many different parts of the world, and after this day will have the opportunity to build their own home. The Grand Lodge of Kosovo is not only the newest Grand Lodge but also the only stone that has long been missing in the Masonic temple of Europe.

Brethren, we can now call this temple complete.

We are aware that by becoming an integral part of this temple we are charging ourselves with the glorious duty of Master Masons, to leave to the generations to come a sound and stable foundation for perfecting the art of our craft. Also, with today’s decision, we proved that we are ready to take our share of the burden in the temple of the continent where we live in. I am convinced that with the commitment, passion, pride, strength, humbleness, respect and dedication that we have shown and will continue to show in the future – this burden will only become lighter.

Brethren, the gratitude in our relationship goes beyond mere courtesy. It is a special honor and pleasure to express tonight our heartfelt thanks for the support, unreserved help and fraternal advice of the Grand Lodge of Albania. We all know well that we would not be here tonight without their support, who, four years ago, considering all the circumstances decided to listen to our voice. Brethren, let me thank in your name all the Brethren of GLA for the “gift” that they made to Kosovo with the establishment of three Lodges in the Orient of Pristina, and at the same time reassure them that we will not rest from working together also in the future, now in the level of sister Grand Lodges.

Brethren, we are proud that the foundations of the GLK are strong, broad, and properly supported. Now our duty is to build on these foundations a solid, perfect and respectable structure for all of us. Similar to the ancient Masons who did not witness the completion of the castle, cathedral or building that they started, we have only laid the foundations tonight, but with the care, right judgment, zeal which we do not lack, and conscious of the assistance of the Great Architect of the Universe, we will enable success to be our guide. We have learned that each of us should try to work on his own ashlar, so we will work from now on for the GLK to have its Lodges in the entire territory of Kosovo and to be recognized and respected by all sister Grand Lodges across the world. We always have to keep in mind that everything starts from ourselves, and it will be us that will push forward. Let me in conclusion quote two verses from Willian Ernest Henley in poem “Invictus”: “I’m the master of my fate, I’m the captain of my soul”.

Brethren, We are the masters of our own destiny, we are the captains of our future.