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Mënyrë e të jetuarit dhe të menduarit

Shqipëroi dhe përshtati: Sh. Redo

Shtëpia Botuese: “Radical”


You may have heard or read something on Freemasonry, even if they might have been rumours. I would plead to you to leave all that to one side and forget any prejudices that you may have and read carefully the lines below. Freemasonry is not a religion, nor a church, not a sect, political party nor a conspiracy society.
It is a league of men with a good name and in good standing. You may ask: what is its purpose? What objective does it have? I will tell you. Its aim is to educate men with the sense of humanism and tolerance. Even though to achieve this, Freemasonry does not have any programs, official orders or religious studies. The book that you are reading, published originally in German, I have tried to explain the external view and some historic nuances of Freemasonry. Freemasonry, in the best sense of the word, is global and encompasses around 50 000 Lodges, in all corners of the world. Since, the humane and tolerance do not yet thrive in the dictatorial places on the planet, Freemasonry does not exist there yet. Even though, in there we might argue, it may be needed the most.
103 VII. Italian Freemasonry; Master Builders of the italian state and Kurija 113 VIII. Austrian Freemasonry 118 Freemasons License 123 Border Lodges 126 Social and Economic Reforms 130 New Beginning, 1945 132 The Church and Freemasonry 134 Lichtenauer Agreement 136 Afterword 141 Timeline 148 Supporting Literature 151 Photo Registry

Aleksander GIESE