Become a Freemason

Grand Lodge of Kosovo

The Grand Lodge of Kosovo and its subordinate Lodges are open to all good candidates, who want to become better. Our Lodges inspire the development of Masonry to the benefit of all its members, based on freedom, justice, peace and charity. They guarantee full equality of all members, no matter of religious background, race, ethnicity, level of education etc. and remain loyal to the Old Charges and Basic Principles for the Grand Lodge recognition.

A lifelong experience

Becoming a Freemason is a journey: from joining as an Apprentice until becoming a Master Mason.

Am I eligible?

Every man older than 25 years may join, regardless of ethnicity, political views. Economic situation or religious orientation.

How to join?

If you know a Freemason, then talk to him and inform him of your interest and purpose to become a member. If you do not know any Freemason, then fill the request in the link below: